List of Diseases caused by Virus,Bacteria,Protozoa

All the government exams like SSC, Railway, Bank etc asked the question related to the disease. Examinsights have compiled all the necessary information related to disease question which can be asked in any of the gov exams like the name of the bacteria which causes a particular disease, which organ is affected, what are the symptoms etc. It makes the aspirant easy to find and learn the important topics which will be asked in exam and save there precious time.
Causative AgentDisease
BacteriaDiphtheria, Gonorrhoea, Meningitis, Whooping Cough, Pneumonia, Cholera, Leprosy, Typhoid, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Plague
VirusChicken Pox, Small Pox, AIDS, Yellow fever, Influenza, Polio-meritus phlebotomus, Measle, Mumps, Dengue fever, Rabies
ProtozoansMalaria, Kala-azar, Leishmaniasis, Sleeping sickness
FungusAthlete’s foot, Ringworms, Madura foot, Dhobi’s itch
WormFilariasis, Tapeworm and Hookworm transmission

Diseases Caused By Bacteria

S.N.DiseaseAffected OrganName of BacteriaSymptoms
1DiphtheriaRespiratory tubeCorynebacterium diphtheriaeDifficulty In respiration and suffocation
2GonorrheaUrinary PathNeisseria GonorrhoeaeSwelling in a urinary path
3CholeraIntestineVibrio CholeraeContinuous stool and vomiting
4LeprosyNervous system skinMycobacterium lepraeSpots on the body, nervous affected
5TyphoidIntestineSalmonella typhiHigh fever and headache
6TetanusNervous SystemClostridium TetaniHigh fever, spasm in the body, Closing of Jaws etc..
7TuberculosisLungsMycobacterium tuberculosisRepeated coughing
8PlagueLungs, an area between the two legsPasteurella pestisVery high fever, muscular eruptions on the body
9A whopping coughRespiratory systemHaemophilus pertussisContinuous coughing
10PneumoniaLungsDiplococcus pneumoniaHigh fever, swelling in lungs
11SyphilisUrinary PathTreponema pallidumWounds In urogenital tract

Disease caused by Viruses

S.N.DiseaseAffected OrganName of VirusSymptoms
1Chicken poxWhole BodyVaricella virusHigh fever, radish eruption on body
2Small poxWhole bodyVariola virusLight fever, an eruption of bile on body
3MeaslesWhole bodyParamyxovirusRadish eruption on body
4AIDSDefensive system (WBC)HIVThe immune system of the body became weak
5PolioThroat, backbone NervePolio virusFever, body pain, backbone and intestine cells are destroyed
6Influenza (flu)Whole bodyMyxovirusSuffocation, sneezing, restlessness
7Hepatitis or JaundiceLiverYellow urine, Eyes, and skin become yellow.
8Dengue feverWhole body, particularly head, eyes and jointsBillions of virusPain in the eyes, muscles, head, and joints
9RabiesNervous systemRabies virusThe patient becomes mad with a severe headache and high fever
10MeningitisBrainHigh fever
11TrachomaEyesReddish eyes, pain In eyes
12GoiterParathyroid glandDifficulty in opening the mouth with fever
13HerpesSkinHerpesSwelling in skin

Diseases Caused by Protozoa

S.N.DiseaseAffected OrganParasitesCarrierSymptoms Mosquito
1MalariaRBC & LiverPlasmodiumFemale AnophelesFever with shivering
2Sleeping sicknessBrainTrypanosomaTse – Tse fliesFever with severe sleep
3Kala-azarBone marrowLeishmania donovaniSand FliesHigh Fever
4DiarrheaIntestineEntamoeba HistolyticaMucus and diarrhea with blood.
5PyorrhoeaGumsEntamoeba gingivalisBleeding from Gums

Diseases caused by Fungus

S.N.Diseasename Of BacteriaAffected Organ & Symptoms
1AsthmaAspergillus fumigatusAspergillus fumigatus reaches the lungs of the human and constitutes a net-like formation, thus, obstructs the function of lungs. This is an infectious disease.
2BaldnessTinea capitisDue to this hair of the head falls.
3Scabies Acarus ScabiesIn this disease, the skin itches and white spots found on the skin.
4RingwormTrichophyton VerrucosumThis is an infectious disease. Round red spot found on the skin.
5Athlete`s footTinea PedisThis is an infectious disease of skin which spreads mainly due to the cracking of feet.

Disease Caused by Worms

S.N.DiseasePathogenicTransmission Mode symptoms
1  Hook-worm diseaseAncylostoma duodenale, small intestine  of man Filariform larvae passed out in feces Duodenal ulcer, constipation. Patient pale, swelling of lower eyelids.
2Pinworm disease or EnterobiasisEnterobius vermicularisTransmission from one person to another by ingestion of eggs in contaminated food or drink.Eczematous condition around the anus, bed wetting at night, inflammation of the vermiform appendix.
3FilariasisWuchereria BancroftiMosquito larvae become infectious to man,Elephantiasis


  •  Rabies is caused by Virus and it is transmitted by the bite of canines most commonly by Dogs and Monkey.
  • Pasteur developed the Anti Rabies Vaccine
  • Japanese Encephalitis is caused by JE Virus and it is transmitted by the bite of Mosquito from CulexSpecies.
  • Louis Pasteur discovered the vaccine of Rabies and Pasteurization of milk.
  • Malaria is caused by Protozoa Plasmodium and it is transmitted by the bite of Female Anopheles Mosquito.
  • Dengue is caused by Dengue virus and it is transmitted by the bite of Mosquito Aedes Aegypti which remain active during daytime.
  • Chikungunya is caused by CHIKV virus and it is transmitted by the bite of Mosquito from Culex Species.
  • The virus is a connecting link between the living and nonliving.
  • A virus has either DNA or RNA.
  • Ronald Ross (1897) confirmed the Malaria is caused by Malaria parasite and told the mosquito is the carrier of it.

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